2022-10-10 | Mizzen boom and Flag Lines

October 10th, 2022
Sunny and calm with a chance of rain for the next week.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The final touches on the mizzen boom are done and it is in its place.

Changed out the guide lines for the spreader flags and the aft flagpole. The one on the aft is about three feet above the top of the mast. Damn near impossible to get back in if the guide line is lost. Very happy the tape held while getting that one swapped out.

Also pulled the water pump, belt and alternator off the motor. The water pump got serviced and the alternator will need to be replaced. I still have some clean up and maybe a little paint to add to the Perkins before it’s all prepped for the sea.

Should be oiling the deck tomorrow.

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