2022-10-25 | Alternator Installed / Uninstalled

October 25th, 2022
Sunny and warm.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A comedy of errors. The new gauge and sender came in faster than I expected. The alternator fix was was received and easier than expected. At 9, the mechanic showed up just as I had emptied the sail locker to get back to work on the wiring. I quickly moved everything back in to the locker and the alternator was installed. The belt turned out to be too long and after a quick trip to the store, that was also installed.

Just one piece remaining. The temp sender… four hours later, the belt, alternator and water system had all been removed from the engine to pull the piece that the sender goes into. The old sender had corroded and tried to become one piece of metal with the engine. Drilled it out and saw that the threads are messed up. Sending the part off to get rethreaded. One step forward…

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