Falkor – Finally Time for Season 2

The paths we take…

The last 2 years have had their ups and downs, big wins and losses for everyone.

Project Falkor is no different and postponed Season 2 is finally moving forward.

Boat work will begin in September with the goal of being in the water by November / December.

Falkor is coming into the 21st century with a whole new brain. A new NMEA2K System from the ground up:  Autopilot, Radar, Transducers, Gauges, Radios and more. New Batteries, running rigging, mast paint, resewn sails and some general loving are all on the list.

It may be too late to cross the Atlantic by the time all the work, commissioning and shake downs are complete.

With the captain’s recently acquired Dual US / EU Citizenship and Falkor’s VAT Paid status, we may turn our eyes back to Europe.

When Falkor leaves the port, I will see which way the wind is blowing and we will take it from there.

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